As time goes by, our company enlarged and, since a few years, looks after some tourism facilities, like a Bed and Breakfast, a wine bar, two holiday houses and a bakery, which are visited by the majority of our customers (most of them foreigners), who come to the Langhe, looking for special relaxing and gastronomic stays.

This is a natural consequence of our special approach to the client, now a family strength: we wish that our guests have a direct relationship with us and with the places where our wines are produced, next to every kind of typical food. We believe that this can be the most efficient method to get our culture and territory known around the world.

The area of production, one of the most known Piedmontese tourist attractions, is set between Narzole, where the bottling and production cellar are located, to the neighbouring towns, like Bussia Soprana, in Monforte d’Alba. Here, in the old farm once belonged to “Il Generale”, the ageing process of our selected wines takes place. Moreover, the farm will be soon restored to become a touristic facility.